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In designing Minion font, Robert Slimbach was inspired by the timeless beauty of the fonts of the late Renaissance. Minion was created primarily as a traditional text font but adapts well to today’s digital technology, presenting the richness of the late baroque forms within modern text formats. This clear, balanced font is suitable for almost any use.

The inspiration for Slimbach’s design came from late Renaissance period classic typefaces in the old serif style. The Renaissance period was noted for its elegant and attractive typefaces that were also highly readable. The name Minion is derived from the traditional classification and naming of typeface sizes, minion being a size in between brevier and nonpareil. It approximates to a modern 7 point lettering size.

The Minion design’s lowercase characters use old-style glyphs in keeping with its Baroque typeface roots. These are most noticeable on the lowercase “g” and “q”. Subtle, but important, details allow the upper and lower case to match well and sit comfortably next to each other. The letter “z” in both cases has the tell-tale heavy dropped serif and matching line thicknesses. The strokes of the upper and lower case “y”, with its italicized narrowing of the secondary stroke, reinforce the strength of the primary stroke. Interestingly, the “Z” character has a thick stroke in perpendicularity to the “Y”, and though it may look a little odd on close examination, within a body of text it enhances readability by providing good differentiation between adjacent letters.

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